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                                             A word about your privacy...

No worries... I won't pester you with recipes or national news or jokes... I'm serious about this Big Bear Real Estate business. 

When you hit the "submit" button below, that will send me an email with your contact info... it won't be sent to anyone else... and I don't share your info with anyone.

I understand that you are currently in the information gathering stage, and you may not be ready to give me your contact information... that is perfectly O.K. -- my personal policy is to respect your online privacy and proceed at your pace, not mine. 

However, I would like to make sure I can communicate with you monthly with my "Update on Big Bear Properties", and quickly respond to any questions you may please consider giving me the requested information.

If you have products or services that you want me to know about, please call 909-547-6271... but don't use this page to email me... this is for buyers and sellers of Big Bear real estate...thanks

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