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  • In the past, I’ve set up MLS searches for clients… and the results of those searches were emailed to each client as a new matching listing came on the market, or when a current listing came into the client’s price range.  I will continue to provide this service.  But I will no longer provide the client with a link to search the Big Bear MLS… our new MLS (Feb 2017) provides a much more comprehensive ability to search the new MLS than the previous system provided . 


    However, over the last 3 years, almost all of my clients have been using real estate internet sites like Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, etc to do the searching.  These independent sites provide much more detail about properties than the Big Bear MLS can provide.  Features like sales history, taxes, community facts, comps, etc all within the single search.  And in a few cases, the internet sites will show Big Bear listings that aren’t on the Big Bear MLS.


    There are a couple of drawbacks in using the internet sites to find properties… namely, the “timeliness” of the status (Active, Pending, Backup, etc).  Occasionally a listing on the internet site will be behind by one or two days.  For example, Trulia might show a property as Active, but in fact that property went Pending 2 days before… on the other hand, the Big Bear MLS will be instantly current.  These internet sites get data feeds directly from Big Bear MLS several times each day.  In addition, here is a link to the search engine specifically for the Big Bear MLS: 


    Another drawback to using the internet sites is the accuracy of the property features… for example, the public records may indicate that the home has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, and that’s what the internet site will quote.  However, the MLS listing agent for the property will know that the property actually has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  It’s not unusual for the public records to be inaccurate.


    And the last feature that I’ll comment on is the estimate of market value that the internet sites will produce.  Rarely will the internet produce an accurate “comp”… that’s where the real value of the REALTOR comes in.  If a prospective home buyer sees a home that Trulia, for example, says has a current value of $230k, but the actual market comps point to $245K, then the buyer will have a disappointing purchase price in mind.  Same thing works against the seller when trying to establish selling price.  All of the internet sites use an AVM (automatic valuation model) that is not connected to real market value.  If you want to learn more about this, please give me a call.


  • Send me an email or give me a call if you want a more detailed search.  just tell me what you're looking for, and I can create that specific search for you.


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